Tuesday, May 08, 2007


These last few weeks I've been working full time. With the end (this Friday and Saturday for Neil) in sight, I have trouble believing that this is actually it -- we are moving to Australia! We bought the tickets for June 13. I have real trouble with 8 hour flights, let alone 26! I will be praying very hard for some miraculous way to pass time.

Last Sunday at church the pastor pulled us aside and prayed for us. During his prayer I teared up. I still don't know why because there are 2 million mixed emotions inside - we are moving to a new country! When I was 18 it seemed so much easier, now, at 28 it seems a little more involved. Probably because now I actually think.

A while ago, right before I met Neil, Jenny made me a little pendant and asked what I would like to engrave on the other side. At the time I was really trusting God to bring in a good man in my life, which He totally did. I asked her to put on it the word "trust". The day before yesterday, when butterflies started flying around inside of me, I pulled out that pendant and put it on. It's such a good reminder of God's goodness and provision that I wanted to look at it if I got worried about something again.

Other than that, here we come, Gold Coast, kangaroos, koalas, and all the other Australia surprises!

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Vanessa said...

As one of those "old people" I have to say - I have loved watching you change over time, yet still stay "you". I am lucky to have you as my friend and I am extremely proud of you and Neil for making such a huge leap!