Wednesday, May 09, 2007


For you old people, you might remember that I had a blog a while ago, it was on Upsaid. It was one that I took off when people I barely knew told me that they've read my blog. When a guy who I wrote about on the blog after a date went sour told me he's found my blog, I decided that it was time to pack the bags and camp in a different sand bar.

This whole time I have not opened and read that blog. I think I was scared of all the sillinesses that I might have written there. I hate reading something I have written and thinking "what a moron!". Let's be honest, it has happened more than once before.

Now, since I've been dusting cobwebs off all the pictures, I came across the old blog, took a deep breath and opened it (while looking over my shoulder to see if I can click it closed in case someone comes close).

There are a lot of silly things I would not write now but there are also sweet things that I wrote with a lot of feeling and emotion. One of the better ones is of me looking forward to an Okoboji weekend:

Okoboji this weekend
I am listening to Tom Petty's "Last Dance with Mary Jane" and having this lovin' feeling towards the whole world. The boat, the sun, the wind, the lakes, the beers, Diablos and Margaritas, sharades at 6 am and naps during the day were fantastic. I took a zillion naps while the boat was floating in the waves, I stood up on the boat when Rochelle was going what felt like 80 miles an hour and let the wind blow my hair, and I was happy. Happy to have summer here, happy to spend time with my best friend, happy to be on a boat, happy to do a few mischiefs, happy to kick back and relax.

Entry posted by ... on May 27 2003 at 11:22 pm

or here is another one for good laughs:

Tricia (who is 8 months pregnant): Agnese, could you do me a huge favor and see if there is banana bread at the store? I've been getting these cravings for banana bread lately.

Pat (her husband): Yeah, it's not a baby, it's a tapeworm.

Entry posted by ... on April 28 2003 at 9:55 am

There are lots of things I wish I hadn't done but even with that, they make me who I am today. While reading all those entries, it feels like I am reading about someone else. And I like that person I am getting to know through those entries. A little immature, a lot flighty but happy and fun around it all. It was good years. The only advice I wish I would have sent to myself is to worry less, relax more and know that the best is yet ahead.


Sundries Sublime said...

Hey, I've always wondered who the guy was you're referring to. I've heard you mention this instance before. Who's the guy???? I'm dying of suspense!!!! Please tell me. Email me if you need to!!!! :-)

kontrabanda said...

h aha hahah - that is the funniest thing. actually i was wondering about it myself and i have no clue. i must be getting old to have memory like this!

Sundries Sublime said...

Dang! Are you serious??? I've have to go to my grave never knowing the truth!!!! :-(