Monday, May 21, 2007

God's guidance in all of it

Tomorrow night we fly back to the UK. We have had such a good time here. God has been in every detail of this trip. Yesterday we had an informal reception that Clive and Esther put up for us. It was so neat to get to know their friends while eating way too many barbecued hamburgers and chicken wings.

This morning it kind of hit me - we are leaving tomorrow. It feels like I've known these people my whole life. They and their friends have absolutely showered us with blessings and love and kindness. In it all I have seen God because he is the creator of all of it.

Also, through this trip, we have realized that Australia is not just an adventure. Even before we knew want to go there, God had it all planned out. Nothing happens just for the sake of happening. He has guided us all along. Now, I feel like there is a bigger plan and destiny for us going there. It's a good feeling. I don't necessarily need to know what exactly we will be doing there, it's just good to know that we are part of a bigger, more important plan than just our desires.

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melissa said...

Isn't that the best feeling - knowing that God has it all in control and planned out already? I love knowing that, but I have to admit that I forget it all too often. I can't wait to see what the next part of God's plan for your life has in store for you :)