Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oh Canada!

Greetings from the North where the polar bears roam free and the Northern Lights come up at nights. Yah right, who are we kidding here!

I am living in de-ja-vu though. Canada totally feels like the US. With it comes this feeling. What feeling, I could not tell you, but I missed it. It's something very familiar and England feels light years away. The big roads, the shopping malls, the nice big cars, the cheap things, the huge houses. I haven't necessarily missed the US this time, while we were in England but this feels like home. Now I keep hoping that Australia will be similar.

We've seen the Niagara Falls, on Friday we were planning to go to Toronto but jsut today I found out that Jars of Clay are on air at the local studio "Crossroads", which is just up the road and I have always really wanted to see them live. Even though it would be for 2 songs at most, there will probably be an interview with them live on air. Today we were there and if not for the singers family, we would have been the audience. It might be similar on Friday. So when I am bragging that Jars of Clay played just for us, know that there were probably another 5 million, or so, watching on tv.

Other than that, we are really enjoying the family. It's been very sweet, the pictures will be on
picasa as soon as I get to it.
Kisses on both cheeks to everyone.


melissa said...

Welcome back to our continent :) I hope you enjoy your time here! I can't believe how soon you'll be moving Down Under. That so exciting.

Jars of Clay are wonderful live. I've seen them... 3 times... I think. Yeah, 3 times. They're always good in concert.

Lindsey said...

ooh, I saw Jars of Clay in concert too... it was amazing :)

Enjoy "O Canada" :) I've never been there...

rochelle said...

ohhhhhh. this makes me soo sad, because... (relatively) you're SO CLOSE and I DON'T GET TO SEE YOU :(

make a detour through SD on your way home, won't you?

Felicia said...

And after SD you can continue your detour and come through DC as well... Have fun in Canada! Miss you girl!!

kontrabanda said...

I am actually on your guys's time zone now! :)