Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Australia vs America vs England. The strogest wins.

I’ve had a Target fix! Yesterday, while Neil was talking to the agent who is looking for a job for him I snuck in there and walked around. I have missed it! I think the States have become like a second home for me, and in a lot of ways it was my home. It's the silly things you miss, like who would think I would miss Target from all places?! As much as I enjoyed England, and I really have, there were things that I missed. I suppose I didn’t realize how much until I can get them here.

Like trashy magazines. OK, fine, I know, I don’t read them anymore (I don’t admit to it) BUT Britney was photographed with cellulite on her legs and come on, who can miss those news?! The Brits really have no clue how to do a proper trashy magazine (good for them!) – they are just too classy and all they cover is Victoria Beckham – there is only so many times you can look at her skinny, greasy face on the cover before it’s like, ok, she is wearing a new outfit today, I get it, but it’s not that big of news. Now, Britney having cellulite on her legs is a deep, sensitive, and sensational news! No, I don’t read that trash and smut. I only see what someone next to me is reading.

Another thing I have missed is the Tv shows that I didn’t watch in the States but Neil twisted my arm during Desperate Housewives the other night and told me that if I don’t watch it he will stop feeding me. As a submissive and obedient wife, and only because of that, I had to see the show. British Tv is awesome for how informative, educational and interesting it is. Seriously, BBC is amazing but they don’t do dramas. America is the expert in dramas. Anyone who can sell Britney’s cellulite and make it big news can make good dramas, that’s raw talent right there.

And of course I’ve missed all the big shops. There is not enough space in England to open a Target. Or a Walmart, or anything of that size. You get smaller shops. Very elegant shops that cost a lot of money but you pay for class and elegance. Which is great but when a toilet brush costs $10 and I KNOW I could get it in a dollar store in the States, I really start missing the cheap stores that do stuff that cost little.

We’ll talk about child labor and sweatshops in a different post.

Australia reminds me of the States in a lot of ways. It has big streets in the city, skyscrapers, Targets and Walmarts (that are called Big W), and prices that are a little bit more normal (still not Vermillion but I have come to terms that I will never live that cheaply again). I am really enjoying discovering it all. Neil is waiting for some interviews, until then.. we are enjoying being unemployed…


Felicia said...

A perfect post that shows how well you take this transition. After living in so many countries and continents, you will finally be able to come with a utopian place- you make sure you let me know, I will move there too:) Keep your chin up, you are adjusting very well to the Aussie land!

rochelle said...

This reminds me of what Melissa has says about moving around the states - that when she's in a new place and needs familiarity, needs to feel at home, she goes and wanders around Target - because they're always the same, everywhere, and it's wonderful. (did I get that right Melissa?)

melissa said...

Yes, Rochelle, you totally got it right :) I have nothing but love for Target.

Ags, I love this post. It's funny what things and places can help us to feel comfortable and at home in a place.