Monday, June 11, 2007

In Latvia with Lynn and Dave

Before I talk about Norway, I have to tell what a great time we had in Latvia while Niel’s mom and dad were visiting.

There was not even close to the time we needed since they stayed only two full days but it was quality rather than quantity time.

On the first day we went to the old city and walked around the whole day. We went up the St. Peter’s tower and saw the city from the top:

and we walked around the city and saw the touristy things

of course we tried the Latvian hot chocolate and a ton of other things

then we went and met up with my sister who drove us to the Latvian Outdoor Museum where we had a lovely afternoon

it was wonderful to see my sister and her new boyfriend, who seems to be a really really nice guy

the next day we had a lazy morning and breakfast at dad’s house where all of us stayed during the trip

while waiting for my sister to pick us up, we even had a game of table football

Lynn and I giggled so hard that it hurt our cheeks.

Afterwards we went to see my grandparents, who were so happy to see us

we spent the whole afternoon there, grandma showed us all her gardens and grandpa proudly showed the second floor of the house that he built

being in Latvia in the summer time brought back so many great memories for me

of course that grandma pulled out the old picture albums and showed off all her treasures

my mom and dad on their wedding day

we got to see grandma take care of all her animals and even where she chops off the heads of the roosters who misbehave

it was such a sweet time for me

Being at home in the summer time and enjoying the smells of lilac and summer and Latvia. It has given me a peace about going to Australia until I see it all again next time.

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Sundries Sublime said...

I miss Riga!!!! :-(