Friday, August 24, 2007

Roller coaster ride

When Neil and I were in Canada, our friends, Clive and Esther, threw us a wedding reception/bbq night with their friends. Needless to say that it was really cool but one of the neat things was that a lot of those people were Christians and some of them prayed for us, some blessed us, some told us things that I will never forget. I feel like in a lot of ways it was a preparation for us. I have tucked those moments in the back of my mind and now, while we are waiting, unknowing what is going on and how long until we are able to start working, I pull them put.

One of the things that really stayed in my mind was told by this English couple. He is a pastor, who moved his family to Canada. They really struggled to settle there. They said it was a hard move and it took them a long time to get used to living in a different place.

He said that when they were talking about us that morning before the gathering, he pictured this roller coaster ride. He said that sometimes the roller coaster goes up and sometimes down. Sometimes it is quite scary and you want out and other times it is really pleasant and you are enjoying yourself. But to keep in mind all along that you are strapped in and you can't fall out. That God has put you in that seat and He is in control of that ride, no matter how scary it gets. She added that through the whole experience she and her husband grew closer to each other and fell in love even more.

All in all, when it comes to roller coasters, I am brave and excited when I sit down and get strapped in. As soon as I am on top of the hill, I am screaming for mommy and yelling that I have changed my mind and want out. No, you don't want to go with me...

I remember thinking to myself that it's a nice story but we will have it all laid out and smooth when we arrive here. Little did I know... In some ways, I feel like that's what's happening in my life right now. There are moments in these last two months when I am going through the hoops and smiling about how cool it is. There are times when I close my eyes and try not to think that nothing seems to be moving ahead with the paperwork. But all along I keep reminding myself that we are strapped in. That this is not a coincidence, that this is not just a ride - it will all work out. The best thing is that I really feel like Neil and I have grown closer to each other in these last two months. I have an amazing husband, I can truly say that I am more in love with him now, almost a year later, than I was when we got married. With him, I would do it all over again.

I am determined not to whine and complain about things I don't understand, I am putting my cards into one thing - God's guidance in this whole thing.

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Felicia said...

Oh man, three posts at once... you are bombarding us girl, I love it:) Congrats on the new temp luxury residence! You my friend are becoming wiser and wiser... this waiting period is not a waste. I cannot wait to see the amazing blessings God has for you on the other side of this 'dry dessert walk'... Much love and prayers from across the seas and oceans!! xoxo