Monday, September 17, 2007


All of us got up in a good mood. A little break was very much needed for everyone. We knew that we can’t check in the hotel until 4 pm but wanted to go the beach anyway.

Since we got there around 11ish, we went into the town, walked on the beach, got some ice cream shakes and walked around the area.

Later on we had a picnic in the grassy area and soon after we could check in the hotel. The coolest thing was the pelicans who hang around just to see if anyone will give them some food. Unlike magpies who are my enemy, pelicans are very calm and cool. They don’t get upset and don’t waste their energy on unnecessary things. They walk around, check out what’s going on and if nothing interests them they take off like a huge airplane.

We rented canoes and went over the water to the Bribie island. I won’t lie, it was more exercise I’ve done since … I got married. But it was fun. The divide between the shore and the island is wide but half of it is shallow enough to walk. Which we did. On the way back I was trucking ahead of everyone, daydreaming and smiling to myself about buns of steel in working progress as I was thigh deep in water – walking to get the canoe to the deeper waters. All of a sudden Graham ran to me, took my canoe and told me to go with everyone in the shallower waters. I protested as I was so proud of myself for actually doing some exercise but he was pretty persistent. So, I was polite and let him carry my boat. Turned out that there were huge stingrays about 10 feet from me, which they didn’t tell me because my screaming would have probably scared the pelicans on the shore.

Neil and Graham swam (more like jumped) in the gigantic waves once we got over to the Bribie island on the surf side. I chickened out since it was a little chilly. Neil said it was amazing since the waves are just huge and they carry you high and pretty fast.

We took full advantage of the hotel jacuzzi and pool when we got back. The pool had a slide, which Neil and Graham were sliding until their sinuses were washed and rinsed. Judi and I sat in the jacuzzi and watched them. OK, I slid down a couple of times as well.

For dinner we went to a little beach side café. I had an absolutely delicious Salmon salad. Since it was a Sunday night, we all sat and watched CSI and soon after we were all pretty much asleep.

In the morning we all went to a breakfast place and had stacks and stacks of waffles and pancakes. According to Neil, when you are on holiday, the food you eat has no calories. I hope so because ice cream for breakfast is a little posh, if you ask me.

To burn those off, Neil and Graham went to play tennis (with bare feet because we didn’t have sneakers with us). Judi and I went for a bike ride. It was so peaceful and calm. The birds chirping, pelicans floating around, my friends magpies flying, although none of them tried to eat us this time – it was just perfect.

When we all got back, we swam around, hang around the pool and enjoyed the sunshine.

It was perfect. It was exactly what we all needed. It was the chamomile tea to my soul and more. It was so relaxing. The salty air and the sound of waves and the humidity in the air just flows with calmness and peace through you. Australia is such an underrated place – the beaches here are absolutely gorgeous.

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Weekend Getaway at Caloundra

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