Saturday, October 27, 2007


do you have any idea how excited i got about the lemon design studio? i LOVE it. absolutely love it. i woke up a couple times at night with ideas of what and how i want to design my website. i was smiling the whole day yesterday until...

i found out that here in australia, whenever you say "lemon" to someone, they think of a dud. i have heard it before but that was the last thing i ever associate lemon with. i have been in such a sour mood today because of it. for one, this is the second time i have registered a domain name that hasn't worked and two, i LOVE it. and the logo i designed and the whole idea i thought was brilliant.

neil suggested a few more but they are all taken, so the one that i might settle on is the red pepper studio. but i am not nearly as exicted. another one that might work but i think is a little too long is lime n pepper studio or lime n pepper design or green lime studio.

as you can see i am pretty set on the whole lime thing, i love the idea of freshness in the name. and since it's creative studio, it does not have to make any sense really. when i told my ideas to a couple of people who are a generation older, they said that the creative people always come up with some crazy ideas that don't necessarity make sense... and i am proud of it!

but i am back in square one. and i need help because i can't afford to reigster any more names that don't work. what do you guys like best?


Sundries Sublime said...

Do you have to scrap the lemon design studio name? I mean, so it has another conotation there... if it's used with "design studio" will people really think about that? I don't know... I mean, "shag" has another meaning too but if someone tells me about "shag carpet" i only think of carpet. :)

Sundries Sublime said...

ps - in the US a lemon is also a term for a bad/junky/non-working car... "they sold you a lemon" and some people apply that to any thing that is sold to you that doesn't work. But whenever I hear the word lemon my first thought is the fruit. I guess I say keep your lemon design studio!! :-)

Sundries Sublime said...

Hey, what about still using "lemon" but adding another word to it... like

lemon sky design studio
lemon arts design studio
lemon-lime design studio


rochelle said...

I totally hear what sundries is saying, but i have a feeling that the association with lemon is MUCH bigger in Australia, like that IS what Lemon means, right Ags? And having that association probably is not so good. So sad, because I LOVE it as well.

My vote for a replacement is greenlimestudio. Other options... maybe fresh lime studio? You could use the exact same logo, just change the coloring a little and the words a little.

I love the idea of using latvian words with english words, to celebrate your heritage. Is there anything that sounds good you could do with that?

I'm Sssoooooo excited for you :)