Sunday, October 28, 2007

New lens!

I earned myself a new lens. The camera that we have is a very good camera but in all the good magazines I read, professionals say that these cameras are a bit of a waste of money unless you attach a good lens to it.

Which is all great, except that a good lens costs pretty much the same as the camera or more… Which, once again, is all great if your grandma has a stack of cash stuffed in her recliner and blesses you every time you come to visit. But I am digressing here, let’s just say that I have wanted a good lens since we got the camera.

I wasn’t complaining about the camera or the lens before. Getting a new lens was kind of like having the cake and eating it too. Well, let's be honest, I didn't think I will ever be able to afford one.

I have made 3 websites this far. But I can’t get paid because it wouldn’t be honest. So for one of the websites, I talked to the lady I worked with, if she would mind getting me the lens. Which she was happy to do. And guess what?!

all these pictures are taken with my new Canon 17-85 lens with image stabilizer. I LOVE it! The biggest difference I notice is the depth of field. I am still getting used to it, since it feels like a rock hanging on your neck compared to the other one. Also, the picture with the bird is really zoomed in and I do notice a difference in the sharpness since it is considerably cropped.

Neil and I were experiementing with the lens. It’s beautiful – what a blessing!

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