Friday, October 26, 2007

ok, i think i have something here. i woke up and had a few more ideas, which I think i like even better, how about (tum tum tummmmmmm) lemondesignstudio i think that's even better! :) what do you think??


kontrabanda said...

yup, i just talked to neil and he likes the sound of it too, so i think i will go and buy it.

Sundries Sublime said...

Yes! LOVE it!!!! :-0

rochelle said...

i came into this conversation late, but i definitely like that better than peach. I actually saw the link on your name in gmail before i read any of this and the image of a very professional, very creative design studio came to my mind and I thought "i'd want to check that studio out, it must be good".

So, that's my immediate reaction to the words. Good choice. I'm surprised it wasn't taken!!!