Thursday, October 25, 2007

creative names

i had a name in mind for my design company but then we found out that there were some connotations to it... so ... aaahhh.... we dropped that.

i am trying to go for something that gives a fresh clean feeling when you hear it. i have been playing around with fruity words, so here we came up with some and need your votes for what sounds better:

1. peachdesign.(com)
2. creativepeach.(com)

i also thought of lemonpips which later turned into creativepips but then someone said that it makes you think of something you'd want to spit out, which is probably not the association i want to go for.

one thing i want to keep in mind is that it's going to be photography and design, so i would rather have the word 'creative' rather 'design'.

we also played around with mintdesign but that's taken, so it won't quite work.

any other ideas/suggestions?


Inside My Shell said...

My vote is for "creativepeach"! No other suggestions so far.

Lindsey said...

I like creativepeach too.

I think you should register whatever you're thinking right away so that some squatter doesn't see this site and go take it before you can ;)