Saturday, November 03, 2007


I went to the library today and got out some books on design. Now that I've actually been doing design, I am starting to see it from a completely different perspective. Things like dealing with clients, learning to take criticism, at times presented in very non-subtle ways, realizing my knowledge limits, etc.

One of the books I got is called "100 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers" (Plazm), it has some great ideas and tips in it. Here are some of my favorites:

2. Create promotions that reflect the goals of your company
7. Create self-promotional materials that are decptivlely simple
10. Everything you do promotes yourself
19. Learn the language of the client
20. Teach the client your language
33. Always keep the valve in the open position
37. Look far and wide for your sources in the creative process
41. Go back to school no matter how old you are
44. Read it all, forget it all, and do your own thing
47. Continue your own education by teaching
48. Develop and sustain an art practice throughout your life
50 Encourage young people to make art
55. Minimize travel expnses - work with your neighbours
56. Create highly visible and culturally consequential design by working for clients in education and the arts
75. It's OK not to go multimedia
76. Use the computer as a business tool as well as a creative tool
77. Travel as much as possible
78. Look at the everyday world for inspiration
82. Have conversations with great talents
83. Keep creativity alive by any means
84. Read a good book
88. Develop a personal growth and personal taste
89. Take risks with your career
91. Collaborate with someone in a different field
92. Collaborate with someone whose skills complement your own

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