Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas pressies coming on an airplane

My mom is coming to visit. In fact, she is leaving Latvia in 3 hours. I know it's cool but you have to understand that my mom or dad have never visited me while I have been living on different continents. And I was living on different continents for a ... very long time.

So my brave mom is coming to visit. I say "brave" because anyone who is willing to travel for 48 hours is brave. And especially if you don't know English. Now, let me backtrack that, I can't say she doesn't know English. I think she understands it a little but now that she decided to come visit us, she has actually been putting an effort into learning it. My mom can be full of surprises, which I love. Like getting a Bachelors and Masters degrees in her 40s. That's ambition!

Anyway, the brave little lady is ready for it. We talked on the phone today and I was asking how she is feeling, she said she is feeling great. I was pleasantly surprised because I think changing planes in 2 countries would be intimidating for anyone. But she assured me she would know how to get out of any situation, she said that if she can't find something she will say "Help. Gate?" while pointing at tickets. Hey - clever girl.

Then I was telling her that Australia is really strict on bringing stuff in. She said that the only thing they can have questions about is the wedding album she is bringing me that dad and her bought us for our wedding in Jamaica. It is made of natural leaves. But she said if anyone comes near it she will say "Douter merrige present. No touch" - I was laughing so hard and for sure, if I was customs I would not dare to take it away from her.

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melissa said...

Have a wonderful visit with your mom!