Saturday, January 26, 2008

and we are back.....

when I was about ... 8 or 9 (or maybe 15, I just don't remember) I wanted to check if there is any mail in the mailbox but wasn't too bothered to actually open the mailbox, so I decided that I should stick my finger in the round hole to see if anything is wobbling inside.

Well, you know what happened next - I couldn't get it out. What made it worse was that it was an apartment building and of course that neighbor was coming by right at that moment. So I pretended to be checking that hole very thoroughly...A bit of a Mr. Bean moment.

Well, we went down here for a little while while I was messing around with layouts and in the end... we are back to where we started.

Hello! Good to see you!


yellowgirl said...

welcome back! :)

Felicia said...

welcome back indeed! I missed you! So, it must be us, European girls being curious about holes or something. Hear my story and how I got stuck in one: I was about six and a bit chubby when some friends of mine where playing an 'interesting' game: pulling themselves through the holes of the fence guarding the main dentist clinic in my hometown. Of course I had to do it too but my little belly didn't fit through so I kind of got stuck. Good thing I was able to reach the ground with my arms, so I supported my weight somehow. After a while, I couldn't fool my friends that I wanted to stay in that position, so they had to grab my arms and embarrassingly pull me out. Needless to say, that cured me of being tempted to go through holes:)