Sunday, January 27, 2008


The interview went OK. I wasn't all that nervous, except for when they asked if I am an expert in IT. All of a sudden my mouth was very dry and I was scrambling my memory to see if that was in the description, I was pretty sure there was no "IT" mentioned. I knew I can't say "What exactly is IT" but I am not that silly. I just politely went around and said that my strenghts lie in other fields. There were a couple more questions that I answered honestly, which probably didn't help me. Like "Is Internet your passion?" That one took me by surprise to the point where I looked at him and asked to define "passion for internet", I suppose that would be a giveaway that no, it's not my PASSION but yes, I do think it is a great medium and I have spent many hours on it... probably while I should have been working.

It looked like a really cool company though and I would love to work there. It's the closest to our home and even though the pay is not all that great, it would be a good starting point to get in the industry. And I thought the people who interviewed me would be cool to work for.

I didn't walk away felling like they are were 100% sold on me. In fact, the whole weekend I've been running those questions in my mind and feeling like after a date that didn't go so well. Is he going to call again? Of course then I am telling myself "Well, even if I don't get it, no biggie, it wasn't that great anyway" - yeah, right.

So I am waiting. I know the perfect job for me is out there. The questions is - how soon will I get it?

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