Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas decorations

I do realize that it is a bit late to be posting about Christmas decorations but I wanted to share this for ideas next year…

There are no Christmas trees in Australia. Well, OK, it’s not like there aren’t, there are fake ones but to me they look a bit … plucked. And actually I did find one place where there were real ones but they looked like midget pines with some very funny branches, so I gave up the idea of a Christmas tree. Need creates the best inventions, doesn’t it?!

So my mom and I ventured out to find a perfect branch.

We hunted around a bit before we found one that fit our fancy. Then, before someone called the cops on us, we broke off the dead branch and stuck it in the trunk of Neil’s ute.

We went to a crafts store and bought golden spray paint and a couple of stars on sale for 99c. We took it outside and sprayed it a couple times until it turned dark golden.

It was a lovely shade, not too bright, I was a little worried it might look a bit tacky but it turned out really good.

I got a few big red balls at IKEA. They were nice deep red, so they looked like giagantic cranberries.

And the Christmas decore was ready! It is still up but I will take it off and put it in a big vase as a decoration for the rest of the year.

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