Sunday, January 27, 2008

For the painting-challenged.

Since we arrived in this country with two suitcases, things like wall hangings are a luxury, not a necessity. A couch, to plant your bottom, is more of a necessity and a financial priority.

Which, brings us to a bitter moment of truth – the walls are still a bit bare. If you know me, you know that I am all about bringing personality in my surroundings. All the personalities I had gathered over the years were handed to friends or sold in garage sales or … stored in basements before we left for London.

Now, we are starting the process all over. Baby steps.

Neil and I bough a really cool leather couch and a one person big loungy chair in an auction. If you have the time and the patience, it’s the way to go. A couch that costs about $1300 – 1500 in a store was bought for $200. That’s what I call a good deal! That’s where I also picked up my three little frames. The auctioneer picked them up, scuffed at the pegs inside holding the pictures and said “Who wants some Swedish design? One dollar.” No one bid, so I took home my Swedish design frames.

Took out the pegs and the pictures. “Borrowed” Neils stack of canvas. By “borrowed” I mean that I totally used up a whole block of canvas… and made some awesome art. Here are the results:

See, the problem is that I am really not a good painter. I mean, even stick figures are a challenge. So, I picked up leaves from the neighborhood, painted them with some heavy paint and pressed them on the canvas. And art is ready!


Bob said...

So that's how all those artists do it?! You should probably buy a few more frames and hit the road with that. I especially like the first one.

Felicia said...

Well, well... bring out that inner artist in you even more. You did an incredible job my friend! I love how you carried the color theme and bed duvet design into the frames... Good job!!

yellowgirl said...

WOW. I LOVE them. way to go!

Joshua Longbrake said...

LOVE the top painting. Love it.

Melody said...

Those are quite awesome.