Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quality TV

Neil and I love a good travel show. On the top of our list is
Ewin Mcgregor and Charlie Can'tRememberHisLastName "Long Way Round" travels on motorbikes, and Michael Palin, BBC, with his witty/dry humor and travels that encompass pretty much the whole world. Both have come out with new series that we can't wait to watch.

I have heard that Ewin and Charlie have done a new show but I am not sure about the details yet. But Michael Palin has come out with new series, called "New Europe". Neil and I went to the library and got the book out, now we are just hoping to get the DVDs. The coolest part about the "New Europe" is that he visits Latvia, Lithuania, Romania (I know that some of my Gold Star readers just got really excited) among many many more countries in the former Soviet block.

Palin has many more series, like Around the World in 80 days and Pole to pole and Himalaya, they are all REALLY good. So if you are in a need for ideas to watch good Tv on long winter nights, I highly suggest these.



Felicia said...

We SO enjoyed the "Long Way Round." Michael did watch the Michael Palin more than I did just because I was always busy doing something in the kitchen but now that he is going to my country, oh man, I will check it out for sure. Thanks for sharing this, I didn't know.

Anthony Bourdain has a travel food show and this new season he will try Romanian food! Can't wait to see what he's going to find 'exotic'.

Ciciley said...

Wow, they are beautiful!! You are truly gifted my friend!!