Thursday, February 14, 2008

Addition to our family

Well, all of you who have been impatiently waiting -- we have news!!!!!!

This morning, Valentine's Day, Neil stepped out of the room and saw this:

He looked at me and in very Neil fashion said "Hmm, which way should I go now?" He arrived at the second arrow

and his next cheeky reaction was "Honey, why are these arrows pointing to the guest bedroom? Are you trying to tell me something?"

there was a continuation to the story, which looked like this:

When he walked downstairs, there was a very ... hand-made piece of cardboard that said "Will you be my Valentine". It wasn't all that impressive, so I didn't bother taking the picture. Behind it was this:

We have a new fishy!!!! He lives in the kitchen, roams in his mansion decorated with ocean shells and overlooks the dining room and living room. He has actually gotten the prime spot in the house because he can see what's happening in the kitchen but also keep an eye on the news. It's a Siamese Fighting Fish, so next thing we had to do was name him. He is actually blue, but he is very dark blue so he might look black at times. Since he is a fighting fish, I wanted to call him Bruce Willis but Neil opted for Black and Blue, which I think is a very fitting name.

Sorry mom and aunts that this wasn't the addition you were maybe hoping for... I had to keep the suspense... :) :)


Anonymous said...

sneaky, sneaky! i fell for it... big time. people are reproducing like crazy -- i just figured you were next.

enjoy the fish. as far as i know, they don't keep you up at night. :)

kontrabanda said...

there is no way i would be patient enough to keep the secret until some special occasion... :) :)

yellowgirl said...

I KNEW that wasn't what it was... and you even got me for a second!! geez.

kontrabanda said...

he hee hahaaa got you!!! :)

Sundries Sublime said...

I thought it was going to be a dog or a house guest!!!! I'm sooo bummed it's not a baby!!!!! :-(((

Felicia said...

I didn't buy into it at all... not after our last discussion, Aggie:) A fish is better than what I expected, I thought it was some kind of an insect that you caught crawling in your house while your husband was away at work. This tells you how my imagination works:) What's Mr. Fish's name?? This can be a good exercise for when the 'real' surprise comes... and yes, this time I mean the baby:)

Melody said...

Cute :)

Karen said...

You didn't get me either - at least not quite. I was reading this thinking you got a dog or some other surprise pet. Very cute.