Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Love letter to LCC

I have studies in 3 universities. First one was Lithuanian Christian College, it has a different name now. It was such a beautiful time of creating friendships, learning about God, watching people who love God, dreaming big dreams about future and drinking tea, late at nights with a bunch of people who truly are legends.

I still keep in touch with a few of those people. Kristaliukas , a Lithuanian girl who was a roommate at the time has a blog as well, she is living in the US, married to a beautiful man.

Ilze, who wrote this beautiful story below is living in Latvia now. She is living, loving, experiencing and doing it all with a passion that many could take lessons from. Here is a story that she wrote about that one year we spent as college students. Eating cheap noodles and re-using tea bags but not caring one bit and loving every minute of it. It was a beautiful year!


I promised to my beautiful lithuanian friend Jurga to write a post in English.

... Yesterday, at my parents hause, I was browsing throgh some stuff from my year at LCC. I came across some small "thank you" notes, encouragment notes, fun notes (a lot), and it brought back so much memories. I wonder how can just one year be so fulfilled with so much good good memories...

I was smiling reading this one, written on A4 page: "Ilze, paņem 2 "giver" uz overnight. 1 Agnesei, 1- Gintai. totall 2 giver. jau iepriekš vinas tev saka paldies. nezinams labvelis"*

or small poster found on our doors:"beatuful latvian girls" , or (also found on our doors) "she is sleeping, do not disturb!" (guess who was the "sleeping beauty"?:) )
or an intvitation from our teachers (amazing young couple from Canada) for "a late night dessert"...

or a beautiful card, left at the guards desk (after one of our regular Chapels) for me after I've shared my testemony on becoming a believer ...

Actually, it made me think how much I've missed all of that. I mean -- when I came to Latvia I was completely taken by surprise when I saw the relationship between students/staff at the University of Latvia. no questions about "desserts" or fun weekend together, or bycicle ride together, or going out together, or having a meal at teachers palace or our dorm room... I had to make an appointment 2 weeks in advance and not to forgett to refer to them as "Professor blah blah blah".

My first Bible in English was given to me by a very special Canadian cuple at LCC. Hardy and Vera Enns. If there are 2 people (apart from my parents, of course) I could look up and say:" God, I wish that my marriage would be like this, that my realtionships could be like this, that my attitude towards people could be like this" -- it's them -- Hardy and Vera. Hardy was our grammar teacher, a really strong one and really fun one as well. One of 10 000 special things about him was that every , I mean -- every-- grammar class started with him reading a story from a book called "A chicken soup for the soul". And it really had nothing to do with grammar, but with our young, rebellious, confused, love -searching souls. at our last class -- when Hardy red the last story -- I'm ready to bet -- everyone cried. I mean -- boys too:) At that time he was in his late 60th, it's been 10 years now, but when I met him last spring -- nothing changed. I've grown 10 years older, but he hasn't changed a day.:) I call him "my Canadian grand pa":) And he writes longest e mails I've ever seen, and he really wants to know everythig: on my life, on job, and most of all -- on boyfriends:D

I'm not the only one who recives those looooong e mails:) He takes time to get to know a person. And that's why LCC is so important to me -- we had time for each other back then. that's why those friendships last 10 years and more.To me my year at LCC is not so much about academic knowledge, as about love and relationships.
I've been blessed with wonderful people -- brilliand and intelligent minds, and friends... And I became a Christian while at LCC:)
And of course -- laughter and fun and basketball games, pancake nights and BBQ's, hanging out and prayer breakfasts, Bible studies... I forgot studies, yeah.
Sure, there were some studies along the way:)

p.s. you know what? sometimes I think I survived those 10 years in Riga just because I had that one in Klaipeda.
p.s.2. and I think Lithuanian milk products (especially karalishke pusrychai) and chocolate are the best!!!

* a note from Undine asking me to take "The giver" for overnight reading


kristaliukas said...

Those were couple of great years! (One for you and two for me ;) I think we all were lucky to be part of LCC- it was a quite expensive college for 'regular' people, but aside of rich academic knowledge, it also taught us so many great things about ourselves and one another. I am glad that after so many years we found each other again and were given another opportunity to strengthen our friendship! Tell Ilze I said 'sveika, meitene!' ;)

Sundries Sublime said...

HI, I haven't commented here in a while, but you KNOW I come here many times a day! I loved the portfolio you had up for a few hours! I'm so proud of the way you keep going out there job hunting! And your positive attitude is very inspiring! You're in my prayers!!!

Sundries Sublime said...

ps - i tried calling you the other day but the phone just rang and rang. I might not know how to make a call to another country though. Do I just dial "1" or do I have to do something special? :-)