Sunday, February 03, 2008

Like gulping the Communion from the communal glass wasn't enough...

Believe it or not but I have a continuation to the story below because it's another Sunday and... time for Ags to stand out. In college my friends used to look forward to my stories of how I embarrass myself because it was funny. You can read such stories here. In fact, I have a whole label in this blog, called "Agnese(isms) because apparently I don't need to be a stand up comic to make people laugh, I just need to be me. And if we keep it up in this manner, we might be politely asked to never come back to the church... or maybe being a comedian is my new calling?

Today we went to the church where I casually drank the Communion from the communal glass (read the story below). It's really a great place with friendly (and forgiving) people. At the beginning of the service they do announcements. One of the pastors comes out dressed as a cowboy and makes some "yeehhhaw" noises and proceeds to tell the congragation about the cowboy movie screening that's happening on Tuesday night and asks to let him know if we are interested. I shoot a quick glance at Neil, nod to him that we want to do this and raise my hand high, so he can see that we are interested. And keep in mind, this is a big auditorium, and we are sitting somewhere in the middle. I am thinking of how great this is going to be and we'll meet new people and get connected with the locals and it's all going to be peachy. That's when I realize that my hand is the only one up in the air, which is embarrasing enough because turns out he wants people to come up to him afterward to give their names to sign up. So I slowly take it down and that's when I realize that he's talking about men's events because he proceeds on about the golf outing on Thursday.

Well, I had to save the face and pretend that I am funny, so I laughed at myself and raised my hand again. This time only Neil saw it...

However, I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself because in the middle of the service I notice this inch long cocroach looking bug running right towards my feet. See, if you are anywhere else in the world, you are OK to assume that it won't eat you and even if you have to put up a fight with the beast you will come out alive. Not necessarily here in Australia. We were told from the beginning that if locals say "It won't kill you" they mean exactly that, not "It won't hurt you". With this background knowledge and the fact that at this moment the pastor is reading the Holy Word, I am sure that this is devil himself, trying to distract us, holy church goers.

You would be proud to know that I didn't jump on the seat and start screaming. I just donked Neil in the side and covered my mouth so no noise escapes from it in case the best is trying to bite my leg off.

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Melody said...

My friends mom was once dozing in church and woke up when the Pastor was asking people to please stand.

Well, people were looking at her weird and not everyone was standing, so after she sat down and asked her daughter what was going on. Yeah, the pastor had totally just asked people to please stand...if they wanted prayer for their sexual sins.

Church is a perilous place sometimes.