Thursday, March 13, 2008

Early morning city.

I have taken a step back with emails and blogs and all things to do with interaction. Work is busy. Busy but so good. I LOVE it. I get up at 5:30 am. I get ready, Neil drops me off at the train station and my day starts. The train is usually so full by the time we get even half way to the city that people sit on the floor. Sometimes I doze off. Sun shines on my closed eyelids brightly. I open my eyes and I am almost at the end of the hour commute ride. We are crossing the bridge and the city is tall, elegant and beautiful and looking at me. The water in the Brisbane river shimmers in the morning calmness. I count down the stations and get off. It's a busy Central station. The streets are full of people dressed in fancy business suits. I notice a number of flip flops that are worn with an office suit, I think to myself that maybe it's a good idea. The charity people stand on the busy street corners and promote their cause. The commuters and the city folks move as soon as the light turns green. It is a sea of people. A big mass that moves. We learn the sidewalk culture - which side to walk on and how to cross and how to stand. And I stop and appreciate the ordinary and I love it!

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