Saturday, March 01, 2008

A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Friday night we went out to a Turkish restaurant and celebrated an offer for a Marketing and Communications Officer position with a Water Resource Management company. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I need to give details on the cartwheels I was throwing when I got the call? I have been waiting SO long and was wondering what is wrong with me that I wasn't getting the offers. Now, when I look back, I realize that all along it had nothing to do with not being good enough but waiting for that perfect opportunity. If I would have gotten an offer anywhere else I would not have waited for this.

It is so above and beyond what I even dreamed of getting. I was applying for Marketing Assistant positions and here I got the Officer position, which is such a step up for me and a great opportunity.

Even though it is in Brisbane, which will mean a long commute each way, I am fine with it. Since we don't have kiddies and this is the time for me to seriously think about my career, I am willing to spend that time in commute. I am so happy they believed in me and gave me the chance. My job will consist of marketing and design, some recruiting, from the sounds of it, possibly traveling to Asia and India and other countries and building networks of relationships and recruitment. Similar to what I did in the US but for a Master's Degree. I will be working in the city centre, near the city tropical botanical gardens.

I remember a long time ago I had a conversation with a good friend and we talked about relationships and how often times we focus on the negative and feel bad about failed relationships, feeling that we are doing something wrong. But the truth is that it's about finding that right person, who will love and appreciate you for who you are, with all the quirks. I found that true in this job search as well. In the end, it was not about what qualities I did not possess, it was about finding the job that found my experiences and qualities perfect for them. I am so thankful to God that He has guided me through this whole thing and those low moments when I had to battle the doubts and keep positive. There is so much goodness in my life right now.

I hope that this is an encouragement for all those who are going through hard times in their lives.


melissa said...

Oh!!! Congratulations and a big, fat hug for you :) I'm so happy for you.

Karen said...

Wahoo! Congratulations!

Sundries Sublime said...

That's SOOOOOOOOOO GREAT!!! Way to go!!! OFFICER!!! Very cool!!!!

Inside My Shell said...

That is great news! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cleangreenslate said...

Congratulations! And yes, I found this encouraging as I'm still waiting on the right job offer (I actually turned one down last week). So exciting!! How long is a "long" commute? My mental map of Aussieland is undeniably vague...:)

Here's two thumbs up from across the water. :)

Melody said...

Exciting! I'm so glad you're getting a great job!