Thursday, March 20, 2008


Work has been super busy and super good. This "busy" business actually makes me really happy - I never get bored. There is a pile of projects and a bucketfull of ideas in my head of how to go about them. Now all I need is time to get them all done. I will be doing my first ever book launch on sanitation in Pacific and Asia. Press Releases and media contacts and invitations and wishing that I would have paid more attention in college. And I can tell you all about Millenium Development Goals set to be reached by 2015. I think that's my most favorite part about this job - it has a soul. Ultimately, it's about helping people with the most basic needs - safe drinking water. Could I ask for more?

So hang in there with me, I am sure that once I figure things out and settle in a bit better, there will be more posts and emails.

Love to all.

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