Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tonight I had this revelation to change the name of this space. I have been thinking about this a while but today I know it's got to be done. A while ago, when I started writing here, I couldn't think of anything better so I picked what I thought had a mysterious and funky sound but... let's be honest... there is not much funky or hip in "kontrabanda" in fact, every time I think of it, somewhere deep down I think of a negative context. Maybe at that time in space it fit but now I feel like I am trying to fit in a very inappropriate outfit, the kind where you look at the person and think "Who let you out of the house wearing that?!"

I think the content here has changed as I have grown up. I will admit that I have cleaned up my act in the last few years. But no matter what has been published here, I am proud to say that it has all been very authentic and true to me. With all kinds of stupidities where I look back and wonder what exactly I was thinking and then chalk it up to growing up and also things that I read and wonder about the wisdom I have had even when my life was spinning around me and I didn't know which end to catch. If you have followed this for a while, you have seen the changes that have taken place in my life and I think that speaks more than what I could ever say about grace and faith and hope and meaning in life.

So, soonish I will move all the content to studiocitro.blogspot.com I am not sure of how the whole move will play out, as I understand, you just change the name and the content automatically updates, the only problem is that I can't leave a little footprint here to direct people there, so I am pre-warning you now... I might just reserve that name and continue posting there.

I don't have any goals or missions for this space. It is a reflection and a way to inform all people I love and to look back and read over moments of my own life. That is what I intend to keep this as. That and a place to encourage and love people through.

Here is to a new path and a new beginning!


kristaliukas said...

What’s up with all the citrusy flavors? (lime, sublime, lemon, etc.?) hehe… Did you know citrostudio.com is already taken? When are you coming to the States?

Letters From Midlife said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. As a fellow believer, I can appreciate the power of God's grace in a life. Blessings to you.