Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Working girl

Today I am splashing out - instead of working on the train to work, I am checking blogs and reading emails! Woo hoo! This does not come often as I have been logging in some major hours. Yesterday 11 straight, with no lunch. Today I have a feeling it's going to be very similar. I am not sure how all this got piled on but it seems like I am not seeing the end on this tunnel for a while, there are lots of important deadlines coming up. On top of that, I am still on my probation period and I want to prove that I am capable and willing.

I suppose it's alright since tomorrow I am taking a day off to fly to Sydney for an interview to get my US visa for my sister's-in-law wedding. Interview is early in the morning and I am not coming back until later at night, which means that Sydney is all mine to explore. Unless important stuff at work comes up and I will be drinking coffee in a coffee shop somewhere and working on deadlines. If it is, I will make sure it's with a view to Sydney Opera house... :)

Next week I am off to Melbourne once again for a conference. I am staying in one of the "poshest" hotels in the city. Actually, it's the one where Neil took a picture of me sitting in a cushy chair during our Melbourne trip and the comment I put underneath said "The lounge of our hotel. yeah right". I've always enjoyed the company trips, even while I was working in the US, that was always time to explore and meet new people and pick up some clever giveaways at the stands and later wonder what was I thinking and how am I going to stuff this in the bag to get it home...

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