Sunday, April 13, 2008


Last weekend Neil and I went to Melbourne. I suppose travel is one of my favorite perks of this job. My book launch was on Monday but we flew out there early on Saturday. We packed in a bucketful of things in the two days.

It was a good trip good but it was even better because we both have been working long hours and it felt like a well deserved rest. We did everything – from eating foods from all over the world, to exploring the city and doing the touristy things to sitting in a park on a Sunday morning and we even hit two comedy festival shows. And did I tell you we got arrested?! Muwahahahahaha. Read on!

One of the cooler things was the Immigration Museum where I found a little corner where a woman from Latvia was telling the story of her parents immigrating to Australia after the WWII. There are so few of us in the world that to find a story on Latvians always moves me to the very depths. I think it's also the sadness of the stories of immigrants, the lost families and hardships that my people have endured. I was standing there, listening to the recording of her story and holding back tears.

The coolness factor in Melbourne is definitely up there. It's probably the most European city in Australia. Architecture, train tracks in the middle of the streets, weather, it reminded me of home so much that I think it was more of a trip down the memory lane rather than excitement about seeing something new. But it was all good.

We went to the Gaol Prison museum, where… we got arrested. The prison itself is a very old building but attached to it was the police house which was fully functional until 1995. They have a real sergeant there and people pay to … get arrested. So we were shaken down and told off and locked up. I will be very honest with you – it’s nothing I ever want to experience in real life.

Neil in a Ned Kelly outfit

Even though we were pretty tired from getting up at 3 am to catch a flight at 5 am and Neil didn't get back until 11 pm on Sunday, while I stayed there for the book launch, it was a great weekend. It was good to be in the city and do our world exploration tour with Neil.

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