Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last few weeks in a very short summary

It has been all about press releases, journalists, lots of praying that someone shows up to the book launch, sanitation in the south east asia and the pacific, phone calls, reading books on how to do book launches, more praying that someone with a camera or at least a microphone shows up to the book launch, making sure that all parties involved are happy with press releases, praying some more, statistics about children dying because of lack of clean water, toilets, or lack of them in the pacific islands, more press releases, dreaming about spreadsheets with journalist names and phone numbers.

Learning to unplug my mind from thinking about work on weekends.

Soon, very soon (and we all know that good things come to those who wait patiently) I will have a brand new macbook pro, which will be purchased for me by my work. And then --- oh boy! I will be able to check my email on my way to and from work (hopefully). hip hip hurray!

Balancing work and my relationship with my husband.

Falling in bed at night completely exhausted.

Being really thankful for a job that stretches me. I might not know how to do it all but it is never boring and always (almost) exciting.

Wondering what I was thinking when I asked the hairdresser to color my hair a shade darker than my natural hair...

Making the best of my new "black" look (which basically means a lot of bronzer to make me look not like Mortisha Adams)

Being REALLY thankful that 3 major broadcasting companies showed up to the book launch. Prayers do get answered!!!

Reading a lot of books on marketing.

Enjoying being employed.


kristaliukas said...

Mortisha (the one played by Angelica Houston) is beautiful! (I am not joking). And I do like your new look. You look very exotic!

yellowgirl said...

ah. I'm so happy you're happy. I'll write you an email soon. We need to talk on the phone sometime soon, I miss your voice.