Monday, May 12, 2008


I have learned that you have to pick who you sit next to on the way to and from work on the train almost as carefully as you pick your mate. Well, OK, I am exaggerating but after an hour long rap session that I can hear through the headphones of the person who is sitting next to me, I have to dig really deep in my Christianity.

The funny thing I have observed with people who listen to their music really loud or speak on the phone so that the who train can hear, is that rarely does anyone have the nerve to ask them to speak more quietly or turn their music down. There will be 20 - 30 people who are suffering in unity and one person listening to their music but no one will ask him to turn it down.

And by the way, what's up with the music that's really loud being really really bad?? Always!

After about 20 minute train journey of suffering today, I looked up to a lady who was sitting facing me about three rows in front and her eyes were saying "I feel for you. I can hear him over here". I looked back at her with the look of "I hope he gets out soon". When he actually got up to leave we looked at each other and I had a smile that extended from one ear to another. She chuckled just because she saw how happy I was.

The other day there was a guy who spoke on his phone for half an hour, I am not even exaggerating. He didn't have one of those hushed down voices, which I at least appreciate for trying, he had an announcer voice. And no, not the pleasant kind that you hear on TV commercials talking about the velvety smooth chocolate. This guy sounded like a Russian drill sergeant. (Not that I really know what a Russian drill sergeant sounds like...) The girl sitting next to him had stuck her fingers in her ears to show him that he should just zip it but it did not bother him one bit and half the train stuck their headphones in their ears to just block out his "No, mother, that is the wrong cable. You need to call them and ask for the cable that is covered in the warranty" and so on ... He happily went on with his conversation to his mom at first and then with his mate.

When he got up to leave there were people applauding and smiling. I am not making this up either. I think it unified all of us for a little while.

This has made me really conscious about how loud I turn up my music in the headphones. Ok, actually it has gotten to the point where I turn it down so that I can barely hear it myself. The last thing I would want is to be told by someone "Lady, why are you listening so loudly to such bad music?!" Now that would be embarrassing!

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