Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I love to see how every other post that's hosted in the Northern hemisphere, the colder climates, is mentioning and celebrating spring. I never thought I would ever ever say it but here it is (and please don't mention to anyone I have said this) I missed winter and I miss spring and I miss fall. No, not to the point where I want to move from here, to me, nothing will replace the warmth but I miss the change.

I don't miss the wet, gray, cold. I miss the crisp, chill and the change of season. Yesterday I walked into Starbucks where I have not been since... I think it's safe to say since we left England. And their special was Cinnamon Dolce Latte. It still wasn't Pumpkin Spiced Latte that we used to drink in the Fall but it flooded me with memories. I ordered it and drank it and every sip was a memory of our time in London.

Meeting Neil's mom in a coffee shop in the afternoon. Locking ourselves out of our apartment. Walking to work at BHS. London streets and bridges lit up at night. "The Chestnuts" - our apartment complex - how British! Our back yard and the single raspberry branch outside our window. Coffee shops with Neil's friends. I missed it all so much. It's really amazing how a drink can flood you with nostalgia.

We are entering Fall. There is not much change in the air, except that it doesn't rain as much, it is sunnier and a little chillier. I have to put on a sweater in the morning on my way to work. When I was in Melbourne and Sydney, they had trees with colorful leaves and it felt Fallish. It felt familiar (Even if it's totally the opposite season). Here in Brisbane, the sunshine state, I have to laugh when I see ladies wearing proper winter coats. It is still 22 degree outside!!!!! (about 70F) Like my coworker said the other day, "In Brisbane people buy a coat and then wait for the opportunity to wear it. That one day a year...."

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melissa said...

Great post! I know exactly what you mean about the seasons. It's not that I LOVE the cold weather in winter or the beastly hot and humid weather in summer, but I love the change. I know that I would miss the seasons if I lived in a place that stayed about the same temperature year-round.