Friday, August 29, 2008


I don't know about the rest of the global female population but when it comes to me, going to a hairdresser is always, and I said ALWAYS an event.

For one you never know what's going to come out of it. (But you always hope for the best)

Two, it's exciting because a change is going to happen.

Three, it's always fun when someone is making a fuss about how you look (even if you pay them a lot of money for it).

So it was time for me to get my bi-annual haircut. With Australian haircut prices that's about as much as I can afford. Granted I could always find a "stylist" who does his job off the back of a van but I rather do it less often but with class.

So I booked an appointment with this guy who I was told is "amazing" and got all excited about the champagne I will be drinking while my hair is being fussed over about. Here is the rest of the story:

++The "amazing" hairdresser who I had signed up for not there. Apparently because he’d lost his tooth (??) and took the day off.
++During the head massage I was wondering if brain was squeezed out through my eye-holes. A little bit might have came out of my ears too.
++Waiting for a replacement hairdresser for a whole hour with wet, dripping hair
++No champagne
++A hairdresser who was telling me about a very indecent proposal to her
++After asking to have my hair styled I was told "Oh, so you will make me work hard tonight" (??)
++The same hairdresser fishing for a tip (She was a bit too blatant about it and because it's not a tradition to give it here I didn't leave it)
++A bill that was $30 more than I was told originally (second time in the same hair plane. I said I won’t pay extra)
++A decision to not go back to that place.

Today I look like I've stepped out of ABBA! I’ve been humming “Dancing Queen” all morning.

Actually, on second thought, I might look like a grown Simba from the Lion King.

But that's OK. Good thing it all grows again! And I do have a new haircut!

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Felicia said...

Great post on the HOT topic of haircuts, salons, hairstylists and prices. Now we need some visual aid here... please!:)