Monday, August 18, 2008


One of the coolest things about living 10 minutes from the ocean is the migrating whales who come pretty close to the shore. I never get tired of spotting them. Dolphins are even more entertaining. They always look happy. Yesterday we went to an island for the afternoon, where we walked around and saw whales in the Coral sea. They were closer to the shore than I have ever seen.

Today on the news they were reporting that a little whale near Sydney has lost its family and a boat got him out in the ocean in hopes that some migrating humpbacks will adopt him. The newscaster was saying that obviously the little baby whale is not yet weened off his mommy since he was staying close to the boat and rubbing against it thinking that he belongs there.

Babies are all cute, no matter how little or large they are. Even if they are 5 feet long baby whales. I hope he gets adopted by a family.

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yellowgirl said...

the baby whale story was on all the national news yesterday, it's fun that I read it here first :)