Sunday, September 27, 2009


and so. it's another year. i am officially hitting the age where i thought the number was "old" even when i was not that young anymore.

the things i've realised along the way about age:

*age does not necessarily make someone more mature
*being self-centered does not decrease when age increases
*with increase in age, there is a decrease in caring what others think (to some degree)
*the importance of sleep increases with age
*people don't change just because they become older
*gray hair start popping up.

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cleangreenslate said...

Hi, "old lady"! :) Turning older is kinda like running into teachers in the grocery store - you're kinda surprised that they have a life outside the classroom when you're young. I agree that people don't change as they become older, it's just that when you're young you only see older people in certain roles/situations. :) BTW I love that you're using the Brit "realiSed" with an S!