Friday, August 06, 2010


It is very rare that I really miss home. But when that feeling hits, it is like a brick wall that knocks me off my feet. Today is one of those times. Right now I am doubting if we are doing the right thing being so far away from our families. If we are missing too much of the lives of people who we are related to. We have amazing friends and family here, support that was arranged by God himself. But I wonder if we are robbing our parents of the times that they were hoping for when we were little, I wonder if we are being too selfish. I wonder if we are robbing ourselves of something that we will never be able to get back.

It is my godmother's 50th birthday today and she is a very special woman. Today I wish I could be there, celebrating with them.

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melissa said...

I completely understand. Sending you hugs and love across the Internet!