Friday, August 06, 2010

a month short of 4

we started out with a lot of cocked eyebrows.
we started out cautiously. then we threw the caution to the wind.
we started out on the internet. followed by phone calls. then a meeting in san fran.
we started out with packages traveling across the atlantic. the packages included cds, long letters, chocolates, funny things.
we counted days until we saw each other again. we had a trick, if the meeting was 6 weeks, we said that it's only 3 weeks because it seemed much shorter.
we had an amazing time together.
we got married with the closest, most amazing people witnessing our marriage.
we traveled the states, lived in the UK, moved to Australia.
we had fights. i slammed doors, he didn't talk.
we texted each other "i love you".
we sat in front of tv for hours.
we had the most amazing, beautiful times traveling.
we had the most amazing times just being next to each other.
it's been the most amazing four years of my life. i feel like something in me has been restored. i feel secure and loved. i feel appreciated and i feel beautiful. i believe in love with all my heart. i believe in telling him 'thank you' when he has cleaned up the dishes. i believe in telling him that i love him. i believe in thinking about him when decisions need to be made. i believe in appreciating him and letting him know that.

and that's just the beginning.


melissa said...

This is just beautiful, Agnese :) I'm so glad you two found each other. Love you!

Felicia said...

ChristianMingle Rocks!!:) Isn't it just mind blowing how God worked in both of our lives to help us find our amazing husbands? The post is so precious... You two are an amazing couple. Love you both and miss you lots! said...

simply beautiful. love you girl!

V said...

This made me smile. So happy for you both and that I could be there when you wed each other!