Friday, January 28, 2011

Blueberry (lack of) effect

It's almost midnight and I will most certainly regret this post tomorrow right around 2-3 pm, when the eyelids start drooping and head bopping at the desk. All of a sudden I have this surge of energy that I want to put in this blog. I want to resurrect it and continue in it. Of course that it involves reading old entries. I hope that it lasts more than this weekend.

This blog is full of time of love and excitement when Neil and I met. Our wedding. My beautiful friends, my time in purgatory, otherwise known as South Dakota. My life in general. I find myself smiling and feeling something old, dear and familiar while reading old posts, other times I hold my breath because there are certain themes and words that I know my mom-in-law, who has read this blog, would most certainly gasp about (you can gasp now if you are reading :).

And then there are things that I have completely zero recollection about. This is when I start to wonder what natural remedies help with memory. Was it blueberries? Like I have a whole post wishing someone a happy birthday and I can't even figure out who it is I am wishing a happy birthday to??!!

And seriously, don't waste your money on blueberries as memory boosting agents, I might as well be financing whole small countries by eating them and it obviously has not had much effect.


melissa said...

haha! I love your comments about the blueberry effect. There is something beautiful about reading old posts. I do that on my own blog when I'm feeling nostalgic. There's something restorative about it. Love you!

Felicia said...

That's great that you are going to revive your blog! Can't wait to read what you'll have to say. I like the new look by the way:))