Saturday, January 29, 2011

Remembering details

I used to write here about trips. LIke Amsterdam, Scotland, Norway, Sydney and many others. But that was many moons ago, when I had a part-time job and the energy and time to put in writing these things down. Now I conserve that creative/productive energy for work. The 7 to 10 hours of constant thinking, making decisions, having meetings, talking, explaining, doing takes out of me the desire to put out more at the end of the day. I do more reading and enjoying at night. Once in a while I squeeze in some exercising but mostly, I just need to time to be alone (with Neil) with no one asking me to do something,wondering how to do it or having to make decisions. And consequently, this blog has been lonely and waiting.

So I would like to recapture all the trips we've taken lately. Mostly because I want to remember those details that made them so unique. LIke the snow that was melting in Paris and making a puddle inside my shoes. And the feel of the wood on the Brooklyn bridge in NYC with our special friends. And many others.

Let's see how it goes because sometimes intentions are better than the actions but I will try :)

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