Saturday, March 26, 2011

City living

I met my husband and his parents in the city for a late lunch and a stroll through the shops. It was a perfect afternoon (especially considering that most everyone else was working while I had the afternoon off).

I was born in a city, I grew up in a city and when I spent my almost 10 years in the US, I missed cities so deeply that I could feel it in my bones.

These are some of my favourite things in a city:
crowds of people
afternoon heat
beautiful arcades hidden between buildings
honking of cars
peaceful parks in the middle of the hustle and bustle
very talented buskers
coffee shops with people sitting outside and taking a little coffee break
the smell of dust
city slickers grabbing a quick lunch
discovering beautiful architectural elements in old buildings when I look up
beautifully-dressed people
buses that manoeuvre in the traffic
discovering new cool eateries
little private bookshops
the constant struggle for road space between bikers and drivers
hidden alleys with coffee shops
favourite flower shop
new bakery with oh-so-fresh buns
waiting at the lights..

I am so lucky to be back in a city.


FeliOland said...

What a great entry and what amazing shots!! From a city girl to another... TOTALLY understand your excitement:))

Sarah said...

Love the excitement of city living:)