Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This post is just for girls. Seriously.

I doubt there are any boys checking this blog out but if you are, trust me, you have no interest in this girl talk.

This is giving advice to girls about stuff that we talk about in places with no boys around. Normally I would not talk about personal things like this on a blog; however, this seriously works and prayers that I have been sending for about ... 25 years have been answered. The best part? It's all NATURAL! No more antibiotics and no more chemicals. I have found a natural cure for bladder infections! Seriously.

I have suffered beyond description for years and years and years. I have taken so many antibiotics that the economy for a small country could be supported. The worst part about it was that it never had lasting effects. Sometimes as short as a few days afterwards I'd be back to being in so much pain I could not move.

I recently started looking into other issues and found some websites of people talking about D Mannose and how this has solved their problems with urinary tract infections. Of course that I had to be the test bunny and see if it works. I can vouch 100% that it has worked for me so far.

Here is what I gotD Mannose from this site with cranberry goodness already added in. These guys also ship to Australia.

From what I understand, this is a naturally occurring sugar that the bacteria attaches itself to and as long as you drink enough, everything gets flushed out.

If I would have known years ago about this, maybe the natural flora inside me would be more in tact and I would not have to work as hard now to strengthen and rebuild my immunity.

I still take cranberry (I find equivalent of about 1500 g of fruit, pills, work best) but I think this is a better option for prevention rather than cure, where D Mannose seems to do the trick to actually get rid of any UTI pain at the first sign of it.

Antibiotics are so damaging but there was no other options for years. The doctors I saw, even specialists, knew that I've been on 9, 10 sometimes 11 courses of antibiotics in the last year would just prescribe more. It was such a vicious circle. This is the end of it.

I have whole wealth of knowledge about rebuilding immunity, probiotics, bacterial balance and all sorts of stuff so if you need, please email me and I am happy to share some of the best and most helpful websites I have found.


Sarah said...

Yay! So glad there is finally something to be done about your suffering!! Love you:)

FeliOland said...

Wow, this is BIG girl!! So glad that you finally found a remedy. Your hard work and research paid off, yeah!:)) Thanks for sharing the info with us.

Ren said...

I've read that many people try cranberry juice. I haven't tried cranberry pills. I get my D Mannose here http://products.mercola.com/d-mannose/. This site also mentions something about cranberry extract, which works as good as the juice, but without the added sugar.