Sunday, July 03, 2011

The perfect drink for a chilly winter afternoon

I still can't get used to the fact that I live in a country where everything is upside down, including seasons. While I read blogs of my friends enjoying hot summer afternoons, margaritas and splashing in the pool, I am burning candles that smell like Christmas and pull out my super soft, red winter blanket while watching tv.

Today I went to one of the best tea shops on the planet earth T2 and tried one of their chai teas. I walked out with a whole set for making it myself at home.

It is perfection in a cup! Here is how you can also indulge:

Buy loose leaf chai tea
Boil about a cup of water and drop in the tea (don't ask me how much, use your best judgement)
Add a cup of vanilla flavoured soy milk
Let it simmer for a little while
Add honey to taste

Strain it, get comfortable on your couch, close your eyes, smell the spices and enjoy it!

1 comment:

Shaheen said...

This sounds like a lovely change from the British tea we drink here in the U.k, will need to source the vanilla soy milk.