Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy birthday!

We celebrated the birthday of one of the most awesome people on the planet! I happen to be married to the guy and feel so incredibly blessed! I could go on about all the great qualities that I love about him and tell you what an awesome guy he is but I don't want to make anyone jealous so I will just post some photos.

We went to the American BBQ restaurant with our friends who we have known for 4 years! Needless to say that the ribs didn't have much chance...

We are so blessed to celebrate with the most incredible friends here!

It wasn't just a birthday celebration, to us it was also celebrating 4 years of meeting the beautiful family who are amazing people.

We feel incredibly blessed to have our friends here who have totally adopted us into their family. There was a post I wrote on June 28, 2007, soon after we'd come to Australia where more than anything I wanted someone to invite us to a meal. For some reason, to me that seemed like someone would show they care. That year, on July 1, we went to church and met them, one of the first things they did after they asked for our name was invite us for a lunch.

I think I sniffled little tears of happiness and thankfulness that night because of the answer to prayer that meeting them was.

Since then, we have a family here! It would never have been the same if not for meeting them.

The lucky duck that my hubby is, he also received some really awesome gifts. Here are some of the cute ones (notice the baby theme...) :) The others were just as great - such as going to a video game expo with his friend. He was smiling ear to ear when he received it, I know that he really really wanted to do it but it's never the same to go by himself.

These might be a bit small for N so they might have to wait until our little addition to the family :)

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Happy Birthday Neil!!