Saturday, August 20, 2011


We were looking for a house wisely. Without rush, without worries. We had all the time in the world because even though the lease here is ending on September 16, we could re-sign it. In fact we were a bit cocky about the whole thing driving our offers right down to the bottom. So even though I don't particularly enjoy the process, I could handle it.

That was until I was informed that the owners of the place we are renting are planning to sell it.

Which leaves us less than a month.

That's when first came shock. Then panic. Then very snotty kleenexes. Moving twice with a big belly is no fun. It's not even fun to move once with a belly. Buying first thing that comes along is not wise. So what do we do????

This story is to be continued. At this point we've found a house we could live in but it's half hour from the city. Since we've lived pretty much in the city so far AND LOVED IT, it's a difficult choice. If we try to buy something that is closer, it generally tends to be out of our reach, or it's a really below average house, which would still be good 20 minute drive.

I also have some very funny stories and some photos that I will post. For north americans who read this blog, the prices and what you get for that will be shocking - I guarantee that.

OK, we are off to the first house to look at today! Say a prayer.

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FeliOland said...

Oh no... praying that God will give you peace about this. You don't need all this stress right now. I also pray for a miracle that you will guys find THE house in the next few weeks!! Nothing is impossible to God, right?:)