Sunday, August 28, 2011

House owners

When I first saw this house on the website I thought to myself "this has got a character", we went and looked at it but it was right after we'd seen another house we'd fallen in love with. We didn't get the first house because it was a bit out of our price range. So we came back to this and had another look. After quite a bit of mmming and hmmmming, we realised that we love it and put an offer in that the sellers accepted.

My favorite thing about this house is that it has character. The front part of the house is on a road (not too busy), the back is a whole rainforest that can be watched from a lovely deck. In 10 minutes while I was on the deck, I saw parakeets, kookaburras, Australian bushturkeys, and a whole family of cockatoos flew over. It was amazing. I am hoping that this will help with the fact that we are moving from the city to the burbs and will live 15 kms out of the city.

We already have ideas of things we want to do and how we want to do it to make it even nicer. But it's perfect for now to move in with a baby and not having to do any major construction work.

It's not a huge house but it will be perfect for us at this stage of our lives. I am so excited as this is our first home as a married couple and our first home for our soon-to-be little family. Finally I can paint walls and put large pictures on them and I don't have to worry about how many holes I will leave behind.

I am also a little nervous - the prices on homes are astronomical in Australia but it's because the banking system is more stable and the demand is high. But there is always that worry in the back of the mind - what if the economy collapses in the world, what if we can't resell the house, what if something happens while we are on one salary with me staying home with the baby and so on. A good friend of mine said some wise words "You can't live in fear, sometimes you have to take the first step and trust that God will guide you". So we prayed about it together and took that step.

I am so excited to move in there and see my baby boy take first steps there and play with his toys. I am excited to have guests over and provide a place that is so relaxing for people who will need to take a weekend off and change the scenery. I am excited to have our parents over there, when the new baby comes home and to build our memories as a family.


Karen said...

Let me be the first to say congratulations! (well, here anyway) It looks lovely, and I'm glad you don't have to move twice - or move when your nine months pregnant! Yikes!

FeliOland said...

I am SO happy for you guys!! It looks beautiful, absolutely perfect to start your new chapter of your lives as parents. May God bless your home and your new beginnings there! Can't wait to visit and relax on that deck!!:)

melissa said...

This is wonderful news! Congratulations!

Sarah said...

Congrats girl! It looks amazing and I wish you three all of the happiness in the world there! Miss you bunches!

yellowgirl said...

Wow! I know why we haven't visited yet! I want to see baby Middleton toddling his little self around that house!!! Congrats!