Sunday, October 02, 2011

'Going to see my baby'

How cool is this print 'Going to see my baby' from Strawberryluna?! 

Since we are moving into the new house tomorrow, I've been thinking a lot about the baby room. I don't think that I'm the kind of girl who will go nuts on baby stuff but I would like to give that room its own character. I am not the one on blue for boys and pink for girls. In fact, I want to stay away from those colours as much as I can. 

My girls here and I went to a big baby stuff sale recently and I got a really cool "set of wheels" for the kiddie room - yellow and red retro-looking car that he can sort of sit on and wheel around when he's at that stage. I think this print would go perfectly in that room. That way it would be a yellowish/red coloured room. Which I think could be really cool and a little bit unusual. 

Here are a couple other prints that I think are mega cool. You can find them here


Sarah said...

I think this would make an absolutely darling theme for a baby/kid's room!

FeliOland said...

It sounds awesome girl!! Can't wait to see the 'final product':)) I had so much fun figuring out Alex's room, it was my special gift to him:)) We just came back from the trip tonight and he smiled ear to ear when I took him up to this room:))