Friday, October 14, 2011

Our home

It’s the first morning in OUR HOUSE!!!

Neil and I got up this morning, both tired but happy. I ruffled through open boxes and found coffee and some cups. Made us a cup of coffee and we sat on the deck to drink our coffee and enjoy the first morning together in the new house.

Kookaburras and magpies fly in from time to time to see if they get fed at this restaurant. Wind is softly blowing the semi-tropical trees around us and sun is shining beautifully through the bamboos, umbrella trees and others.

Apparently we have an inherited pet-possum named Dave who likes to come around dinner time and get bread. The previous owners had cats so there is a little cat door in the kitchen. I was told that if Dave has not received his daily portion on the deck, he’ll either tap on the kitchen glass door or help himself inside. As soon as he gets the bread, he goes about his possum business.

We didn’t see him yesterday as we were too busy unpacking but I am curios to see who is this little neighbor. No doubt there might be some serious screaming if I walk in the kitchen and there is a furry animal in the middle of it, no matter how cute he might be.  

I am also feeling absolutely exhausted. Yesterday was so stressful with the move, rude movers, delayed settlement because of bank error, moving into a house that has not been properly cleaned and just general stuff. Today, when I look back, it all seems a distant history  (along with half of all the dishes that didn’t make it in one peace but I will take part of the blame for it as I probably didn’t do the best job wrapping them…) We have exactly three plates left!

The best part is that there is a little boy in my belly who wakes up from time to time and gives me the elbow or a little kick. I can’t wait for him to arrive and bring him home, to our home. After Neil left for work, I’ve been sitting here and thanking God for all the good in our lives – having jobs that allow us to buy a house, having health that allow us to go to these jobs, economy that supports jobs, this house that will be such a blessing, being able to afford to live here. There is so much I am thankful for! I feel loved and I feel blessed. 

(This was written a few days ago, we don't have internet but when we get it there will be more updates. Dave came to visit us the next night - here is a photo!)

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Sarah said...

congrats girl! now you just have to go on a dish shopping spree, not all bad is it?