Friday, December 02, 2011


This was my first photoshoot for a fashion jewellery catalogue and I enjoyed it to the fullest! 

Our very good friends own a jewellery business and they do a photoshoot for a catalogue a few times a year. Now that I don't have to work, I can finally do fun things during the week! 

So I got to see behind the scenes on how these things are done.

And it was a great time!

Besides being nine and a half months preggie and getting tired much faster than usual, I had the time of my life! Here is a belly photo of me and my friend who is four weeks behind me :)

This is my partner in crime :) Isn't she a gorgeous pregnant girl?! 

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FeliOland said...

BOTH of you are gorgeous!!! Can't wait (even from far away) to see those babies:))))