Monday, November 21, 2011

Being robbed

So here we are. Less than four weeks to go before the baby comes and with the most expensive item in our whole household being the baby stroller. There is no Tv, no computer, not even an alarm clock left. 

Last Friday we got robbed and they cleaned the place out while we were at work. Besides all the electronics that have been taken, that we have worked so hard for and been slowly saving for for the last few years, I have lost things that are really precious to me. I am not big on jewellery, I don't really care about diamonds (although I would not return and ask for money if I got them), but I had a few pieces that had special meaning - my engagement ring, the watch my mom gave me for my 30th, the ring my dad gave me for my 30th, the necklace that Neil gave me before we even got engaged... It's all gone. 

I know they are just things. And well meaning people tell me to count the blessings and that all the important things are still here, and I agree with that 100% but I still feel like the fruit of our honest work have been carried out through the front door of our house. 

I walk through the house and when I look at the framed photos hanging on our walls, I wonder what these men (I assume) feel when they see the faces of people who live in the places they steal from. Don't they feel a little bit sorry? Don't they feel ashamed when they see a nursery set up for a baby and they steal even the penny jar? How do they live with their conscience? 

Based on how the things were taken, I think these people have been in our house before. I might be wrong but I have this feeling. I probably offered them coffee and I thanked them for their work.

We are left with the goodness of friends and family around. Their support and their kindness and prayers. We won't get insurance for any of it so unless a miracle happens, it is all lost. 

I hate being strong, sometimes I wish I could fall apart in situations like this. But I can't. Now is not the time. So I am being strong. 

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FeliOland said...

I keep trying to think of what comment to leave but I just don't know what to say... it's so sad to see what this world came to... I pray that God will give you peace about this misfortune and bless you like He always does!!!

Sarah said...

so sorry for your loss friend. i know they are just things, but i don't think the feeling you have is a sense of mourning for those things, i think it is a feeling of betrayal and i think everyone would feel that way. love you and praying for you, neil, and baby m:)