Monday, April 30, 2012

Green thumb. Part II - Artistic Flair.

Yesterday (Sunday) morning I got up and while Daniel was taking his first nap at 7:30 am, went out to plant the rest of the plants before they dried out. I have to say that I was scraping the pitchfork on the walkway a little bit louder on purpose to wake up the neighbours on that side of the house who had a loud party (AGAIN) the night before. I did consider bringing Daniel out and pinching him... muwahahahaha

You guys flatter me by asking if the photo in the post before is one of my flower beds. Let's say that it was the inspiration for the flower bed I made yesterday. Which, by the way, looks nothing like the photo below, I should have been more clear on that. My flower bed looks like some possessed animal has been digging through the dirt looking for something and oh, yeah, there are some plants that got in the way. But I am not giving up so easy, I figure give the plants some time to get settled and they will get there.

This brings me to the next point - how come that what you see on Pinterest and try to make yourself never looks as good??? Well, in my case, it's probably because that I choose to take artistic licence on any recipe - whether it's cooking, sewing, gardening... I choose to add my flair to whatever it is I am doing. Over the years this has resulted in cookies that turned out looking like pancakes, trousers that ended up looking like pyjama pants from an LSD fuelled party, and now a flower bed that looks ...nothing like the photo below. In my defence, I didn't really have the amount and the variety of plants in the photo below.

Anyways, so now I am onto step two of this process called "artistic flair". I am convinced that if I put a nice border around the flower bed, it will look much better. Will let you know how that goes...

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Christina Rushbrook said...

Ha! That's hilarious - I'd love to see those trousers ... I think your plants look great too - well done x