Saturday, April 28, 2012

Green thumb

Source: via Agnese on Pinterest

Since our dear friends are 'refurnishing' their garden, I am there to collect the plants they don't want and transporting them to our little patch of land for landscaping.

This has started a flood of research of what it is I actually should be doing as I have no idea where to start this. And my Pinterest account has been reaping rewards of this.

Before heavy rain came, I did the first round of planting and to my great surprise Neil walked by and said "I like that". I about fell over since most of my creative endeavours are frowned upon and not appreciated to my liking.

There is something very relaxing about gardening - digging trough dirt, watering, planting. It's all so different and raw in comparison to computers, screens, Facebook and the likes. It's refreshing and it's rewarding.


Christina Rushbrook said...

Beautiful - is that yours?

Sarah said...

these are beautiful!